Former VC football player steps onto Blinn College field 59 years after he wasn’t allowed to play

Frebruary is Black History Month. Wednesday, one local man finally got to set foot on a football field he wasn’t allowed to play on, not very long ago.

Newscenter 25’s Alan Espejel traveled with Victoria College and Victor Marshall to Blinn College’s Brenham campus to capture the moment.

“Nervous? Yeah,” Former Victoria College football player Victor Marshall said. “I guess maybe like I’m fixing to play a game. I’m just really… my mind is just so cloudy. Now, I’m just kinda just… it’s just out in space. It’s just an awesome feeling.”

“He told me about how he wasn’t able to come up here to play Blinn and the reason why was because Blinn did not allow African American athletes to play on their football field,” VC Communications Director Coy Slavik said. “And, it just so happened, we were coming up here on February 6th and I asked Victor if he wanted to come along with us and he said he’d be more than happy to do that. We’re just pleased and we thank Blinn especially for accomodating us and allowing us to do this.”

“So, here I am. Here in Brenham, Texas. Where I should have been 59 years ago,” Marshall said.

“Woah, hey! Come on the field?”

“Yeah! Come on!”

“Alright. Where’s my uniform? Haha!”

“Hey! I made it! I’m ready now, for the football. I’m ready.”

“I feel awesome. This is an awesome feeling. To have people that… people that you knew a long time ago that really didn’t see things the way people see them now… It’s just the way the world was. And, we have to understand that. But, we gotta make it a better world,” Marshall said.

“This being Black History Month, I think it’s very appropriate for us to be up here at this time and allow Victor to be able to do this and realize this dream that he’s had for 59 years,” Slavik said.

“Hey guys, you outta see me now. I made it. 59 years later. But I made it. I’m on Blinn Field,” Marshall said.

Former VC football player steps onto Blinn College field 59 years after he wasn’t allowed to play