Former police chief sues City of Shiner

Lawsuit accusing Shiner City leaders of retaliation

SHINER, Texas – The former Shiner Police Chief is now suing the City of Shiner claiming leaders there retaliated against him for requesting an internal investigation into possible internal theft.

Zachary Kramer used to work in law enforcement in Victoria before he served as Shiner’s Chief of Police for a year, Kramer resigned on August 2nd after he was placed on administrative leave.

Over the summer, Kramer was told the Shiner’s Police Department’s phone bill was higher than normal, after reviewing the bill, Kramer saw three charges for unknown iPads.

This prompted Kramer to meet with the Lavaca County Attorney to start an external investigation of the iPads out of concern of possible internal theft or external fraud.

After this investigation request caught the attention of several city council members, a series of complaints towards Kramer were discussed during a city council meeting.

This prompted city council members to unanimously vote to put Kramer on administrative leave, seemingly in an attempt to fire him.

“To me, this sounds like a whistleblower complaint, it sounds like you brought up these strange iPads, ones in the hands of a commissioner and/or his spouse, and that now, this commissioner and other members are looking for reasons to let you go, in order to kill this investigation,” says Adam Poncio, Kramer’s lawyer.

During the first nine months of his tenure as Shiner Police Chief, Kramer had never been disciplined for any reason and believes his administrative leave is a direct result of that request for an external investigation.

We have reached out to Shiner City leaders in regards to this case and are still waiting to hear back.