Former Constable Garza faces indictment for 3 counts of sexual assault

Back in June the trial for former Victoria County Constable, Jesse Garza took place in Victoria. He was acquitted of any sexual assault charges but charged with a lesser offense of Official Oppression.

Found not guilty on sexual assault charges by a jury 5 months ago, and serving one year behind bars, Jesse Garza now faces another indictment for another 8 counts, 3 of which are sexual assault.

According to documents, made public Monday, Joe Thomas (a pseudonym), accuses Garza of holding visual material exposing intimate body parts as blackmail after being sexually engaged.
The documents, filed on November 14 th , explain “count 5” as obstruction or retaliation, a third degree felony, stating the following,

“An unlawful act distributing pornographic images of Joe Thomas without the permission of Joe Thomas in retaliation… who Jesse Garza knew intended to report the occurrence of a crime…”

Garza also faces charges of threat and harm to the aforementioned Joe Thomas.

On a separate count, Garza faces charges of unlawfully taking property between the value of $2,500 to $30,000 without consent of the said victim.

If found guilty, these charges vary from a misdemeanor up to a third degree felony.