Fordtran Volunteer Fire Department Receives Grant to Expand Location

With help from Victoria County Commissioners Monday…the Fordtran Volunteer Fire Department will take steps toward a safer community. Residents say this is a developing area, and this new addition is much needed.

“Our hay field caught on fire this summer, and it took 6 different fire stations around to come put it out. To have extra water is just a Godsend,” says county resident Ann Mary Williams.

Williams is no stranger to fires. Her family are local ranchers in the area.

“Being in the ranching and farming business in this area, we’re pretty far from everything. If a fire breaks out it could spread so rapidly. Now, they’ll have the means to help us even more,” Williams says.

The Fordtran Volunteer Fire Department received a 15,000 county grant to expand their space to fit their first new tanker truck.

“As their department grows, this is going to be a good addition to what they need. To be able to meet the needs of their area,” says Victoria County Fire Marshal Richard Castillo.

The new truck will allow the department to have better access to a water supply, as water resources are limited to the area.

“The main thing is to have water at our fire scenes. Whether it be grass fires or residential structure fires. We just need water,” says FVFD Fire Chief Larry Green.

Williams says this new addition allows her family to feel much safer in the community.

“In case of family emergencies or accidents I know that they have some EMS equipment and can be some help until an ambulance from Victoria gets here,” says Williams.

The tanker truck is expected to arrive in April, and the expansion is expected to be complete by the end January.