Footage from opening weekend at the Astrodome uncovered by Victoria native

Footage from opening weekend at the Astrodome uncovered by Victoria native

HOUSTON, Texas – The Astrodome opened in 1965, a time when digital technologies weren’t around, but the use of 8mm films were. Converting those films allows people to see a place that existed nearly 55 years ago.

Brad Janacek, born and raised in Victoria traveled to Houston. So did his grandparents. His grandmother recently passed away due to COVID-19 and Janacek was going through some of her old boxes when he came across some 8mm films. He remembers his mom telling him that his grandmother used to always go to Houston for the Astros games. This one video in particular was the actual opening weekend of the Astrodome.

“The way my mom explains it, they were at the every single game. So the video I shared, that I was able to digitalize, was the very first game ever in the Astrodome. The very first day,” said Janacek.

Janacek was able to find a digitizer for cheap online and he started to convert these older films.

“It was really awesome, it was emotional to see some of these moments that you hear about from my grandmother to actually see them for yourself,” continued Janacek.

The films were all 8mm meaning that there is no audio on them. But Janacek assures that the audio isn’t necessary.

“You don’t even need the audio to take everything in. It feels like I was sitting back in 1965 viewing it through the camera lens as I was there. I love it really. It’s been emotional to see those things,” continued Janacek.

Janacek now is taking all 8mm from anyone who wants to see what are on their films. He isn’t charging these clients he merely just wants find cool history.