Food Bank of the Golden Crescent New Facility Now Open

The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent's new home is getting visitors


VICTORIA, Texas – There will be two open houses. The first one happened on Friday for city leaders…then Saturday the community open house ceremony from 8 am to noon. Food Bank of the Golden Crescent president and C.E.O. Robin Cadle says not only will this allow for bigger volunteer group.. but gives them an opportunity to reach more people more efficiently.
The new facility will double the size of their current one, doubles their warehouse capacity, and triples their refrigeration capacity.

“We can get so much more food and we can also get so many more volunteers in to help package the food and repack it and help ship it. It’s a win win.” said Robin Cadle.

The grand opening of the new Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, at 801 south Laurent, ceremony is also a celebration of hunger action month. The food bank moved into its new location on September 6th.