Food Bank Hosts Food Distribution

950 Victoria Residents Registered To Receive Food Boxes
Food Bank

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many people are struggling financially. In an effort to ease the pain, a free food distribution was made available today in Victoria.
The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent hosted the food distribution outside of the Victoria community center.
Robin Cadle, president of the food bank, says a total of 124 thousand pounds of food was handed out today, with an average of 124 pounds given to each family. A total of 950 Victoria families signed up to receive food.
The food distributed was made available by both the federal and state government. District 30 representative Geanie Morrison and city manager Jesus Garza were on hand to help pass out food boxes.

“We are passionate about what we do, we glad we can be here to help. Food is a basic necessity…everybody needs that. The government id doing a great job making sure food get to the counties…” said Cadle.

“It’s so important to our communities, so may people are hurting because they do not have jobs. The communities have stepped forward. The food bank has done a wonderful job. They are taking care of their community,” said Morrison.

Another distribution will take place in Dewitt county on June first. Organizers plan to release more details next week.