Flooding continues on Vine street, residents feel helpless

Resident requests more actions

VICTORIA, Texas – Vine street intersects with Murray, Convent, Church, Juan Linn, and Santa Rosa street. On Tuesday, Oct. 19, this entire area still has a great deal of flooding. For the past seven years, Angelica de Leon has lived in this neighborhood with her son and daughter. She admits all residents in this area received a card from the city, warning them about the heavy rain.

Resident requests more actions

According to a report from last week, the city went door to door and warned all vulnerable residents about the intense flooding. The city informed residents that flooding could rise to at least 30 feet and warned them to go somewhere else during this time to remain safe.

The city warned residents about this intense flooding

“For me, it’s the second time and I would like there to be a form or process for the water to get pumped or a solution. So it wouldn’t affect all neighbors living here. Because it’s always like this,” said De Leon.

Going into more detail, De Leon shared this is the second time she’s experienced struggling with high flooded waters. Counting hurricane Harvey in 2017, as the first time. She also wished the city would do more than just warn residents living here.

De Leon says flooding hasn’t been this bad since Hurricane Harvey

“Yes, I get worried because the city hasn’t done anything. From my understanding, the city of Victoria doesn’t detain the water or they haven’t been able to find a way so the water won’t come into this area. So our houses won’t drown in the flooded waters,” De Leon shared.

We reached out to the city for an updated response about this matter and asked if they plan to take any consequential actions. So far, we are still waiting for their response.