Flooding causes long-term issues for construction projects in the Inez community

Repairs could take until mid-fall to finish


INEZ, Texas – Inez received several inches of rainfall during last week’s heavy rain causing flash flooding and damage to several streets.

Precinct 4 Victoria County Commissioner, Clint Ives, says the flooding will affect the precinct’s street paving budget for this year and they nearly lost the calendar year in regards to current construction projects. Repairs to the damages caused by the flood event could last through mid-fall.

“I don’t like telling homeowners and landowners we’re gonna pave your road mid-summer 2021 and events like this happen and the construction never begins or the project is postponed,”

Ives also says that there’s one road in Inez that could exceed $100,000 in repairs. Ives hopes that the county can receive a disaster declaration from the governor’s office to help with some of the cost of these repairs.