Float therapy coming to the crossroads

VICTORIA, Texas – A new type of therapy is making its way to the Crossroads. Sometimes called Float or REST Therapy, these sensory deprivation tanks have many benefits, but also some drawbacks.

First invented in the 1950s by neuroscientist John Lilly, they quickly went out of fashion in the 60s due to experimentation of combining sensory deprivation with psychedelic drugs. Now, they’re making a come back as a possibly helpful tool to treat many ailments.

“There’s a whole host of mental and physical benefits you get from floating and infrared sauna,” John Hunnicutt, owner of iFloat Spa says. Those benefits include lowering pain, relieving anxiety and depression, and helping sleep.

Despite the claims of treating many illnesses, studies have shown the use of these tanks can also cause some adverse effects such as hallucinations and claustrophobia. Most people in good health can tolerate sensory deprivation with minimal risk. But you and your doctor can talk it out to make sure floating is right for you.

If you’re ready to come by and test the waters, they open on August 17th. here’s what you can expect on your first float appointment.

“We’ll send you through orientation, show you what to expect, show you everything. You’ll go into a float room, if you do an infrared sauna, you’ll do that first. Then take a shower, which is in the same room, and then straight from the shower to the float tank for your float, then take another shower to wash the salt off, and we have a dressing room you can use to blow dry, put makeup on or whatever you choose,” Hunnicutt says.