Flights from Dallas to Victoria run into Turbulence with Flyers

“People had jobs and things they had to come home to kids and things of that nature,” Trevino said.

Melanie Trevino almost didn’t make it from Dallas to Victoria as she had planned. Melanie was stuck on a Tarmac at DFW International Airport as her flight was delayed. She says her flight was supposed to take off at 4:30pm but an airplane radio problem changed that.

“We stopped and the plane was turned off and we were told that there was a radio problem on the plane and there would be a delay they didn’t know if it would take minutes, hours or days to fix,” Trevino said.

Melanie’s flight didn’t leave Dallas until after 8:00pm which was 4 hours late. She says they were stuck on the plane for a couple hours with no air conditioner, no food or water and a non functioning restroom. When the pilot told Melanie and her co-passengers that everything was fixed and ready to fly Melanie says the flight was one of the worst she has ever experienced.

“By then it was already dark and it was lightning and raining and it already being a small plane was shaking and rumbling and it was like you were rocking on a boat,” Trevino said.