Flesh-eating bacteria claimed the life of a local father in just a matter of days

Gary Evans recently passed away due to a flesh-eating disease at Magnolia Beach.

“He was a kind man, he never met a stranger, that it wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for anybody. So he’s missed,” said Debra Mattix, Gary Evans wife.

Debra Mattix, the wife of Gary Evans, explained that the camping trip to Magnolia Beach during 4th of July was great, until Friday night as they were headed to bed.

“Then after that, he goes to bed, and he got a little sick during the night but it was nothing to worry about. Then by the morning, his legs were swollen, his feet were swollen, and he couldn’t walk,” said Mattix.

Evans was immediately rushed to the hospital.

“He went into ICU, that was Saturday, and he progressively got worse, and we lost him on Monday,” said Mattix.

Doctors told Mattix that Evans passed away on July 8th due to vibriosis.

Vibriosis bacteria is a flesh-eating disease that can be caused by a gastrointestinal illness, skin infection and eating contaminated food.

I spoke with David Gonzales, the Director of Victoria County Health Department, to get more information about the flesh-eating disease that the community should be aware of while at the beach.

“Not all cases are life-threatening some do cause server illness though. Also, not all cases cause necrotizing fasciitis which is also known as the flesh-eating bacteria. There are different forms of vibriosis, so keep in mind they are not all the same” said David Gonzales the Director of Victoria County Health Department.

If you’re out at the beach and feel any illness please go to your local hospital immediately.

Also, if you’re interested in helping the family with medical bills and funeral expenses you can donate on their GoFundMe page.