Five Year Old Saves Family from Burning Home

Juan Beltran is only 5, but he’s the hero of his family.

He alerted his parents to a fire in the home, and his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Karina Cortez, is being credited for teaching Juan and her students just what to do in case of a fire emergency.

She was able to help students learn by example when a fire alarm sounded at Hopkins.

“I felt so proud when I heard that it didn’t get out of control, and that he knew what to do because of what I taught him in school,” says Cortez.

On Saturday morning January 7th, Juan saw fire and smoke in a room of his home. He then went and told his family to “stay calm, get out, and call 911.”

“I saw a flame come on the bed,” says Juan. “Then I went to go call my mom. Then they called 911 and then we went outside.”

Juan says he aspires to be a firefighter one day, and he’s happy that everyone in his family is safe and sound.

“I feel like a hero because I saved my family,” Juan says.

Fire officials are still investigating the cause of the fire, but say it may have been a heater that sparked the flames.