First Responders appreciation day held this weekend

Jackson County held a day to honor their first responders this weekend.

The Lavaca Navidad River Authority held their first responders appreciation day to honor those first responders here in Jackson County.

As you drive into the gates of Brackenridge park the Jackson Electric Coop had an American flag flying high on their trucks. This day was all about showering the first responders with thanks and support.

“We love our first responders, and we are small community Jackson County pride. You know we have never done an appreciation for our first responders out here before,” adds Bridget Bustos, Organizer.

Organizers say this day was all about celebrating the first responders with cake and ice cream. Community members got the chance to interact and talk with first responders while also getting to play with their equipment.
“We appreciate you and we love you all the first responders,” declares Bustos.

I caught up with a few first responders to speak with them about what it means to have all the support from the community.
“We enjoy working with the public and actually mingle with the public and showing all the equipment we have. The different process we got through to serve the city and the surrounding counties, and we all enjoy this,” explains Shannon Goebel, Jackson County ESD 3 and Fire Department.

“Well we love our community, and we’re just appreciative they are here to show us the same love back and its great to see them all and get to meet them while its not in the state of an emergency,” exclaims Brook Moore, Jackson County EMS.

“Law enforcement and public safety interaction is critical, and we’ve got to thank them for taking part in this and im glad we have a great crowd out here. A lot of kids, Sheriff Andy Louderback smiles.

Sheriff Louderback believes events like this are great for people to get to know their first responders.
“This gives us a chance to talk with the public, answer any questions they may have and simple for them to just see us in a different light then sometimes they do. it’s no enforcement action and many times law enforcement contacts we have are negative and this is positive, explains Sheriff Louderback.

Organizers are grateful for the success of this event.
The first responders want to thank everyone for appreciating them and saying thank you for your service.