First Day Pep Rally for Stroman Middle School Students

Stroman students "pumped up" for the new school year.



Victoria, Texas – Some students in the Victoria ISD started their first day of classes with a pep rally.

Stroman Middle School for 8th grade and Stem Middle School for 6th and 7th filled the stands at the district event center gym. Teachers, students and staff listened to school leaders and brother Gary Moses.
They pumped up the students with excitement and a positive attitude for the upcoming school year.
Moses, is a retired Victoria ISD teacher. Moses says starting off the school year this way can only lead to success.

“Best wishes to any and all out there for the school year this year. I know its an exciting time, and we want to make it the best we can, so we are always here to help you out,” said Moses.

Close to 800 students are registered to attend Stroman this school year.