First Day of School for VISD

Today is the first day back to school for the Victoria Independent School District.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson was there to welcome the students back.

Today is the first day, and there are a lot of eager students waiting to start the school year. I spoke to a parent about this upcoming school year. Parent Alfred Salazar says he’s feeling confident about this school year. “I love my son coming to this school, it’s a very nice school, and very nice teachers here,” tells Alfred Salazar, Parent, when asked about how he is feeling this upcoming school year. Torres is nice school…but I wondered what about safety? With a string of school shootings in 2017, I asked Salazar if he was scared about sending his son to school. He replied, “Nah, I am a man of faith so, you know, I believe God is going to protect my children. And this is the way I look at it.” Salazar says when he walked up to the school this morning, he saw increased security measures in place.
“I saw a few first responders here and I see that they always have the doors locked. When you come in you have to push a button for them to ring you in and there is always someone here watching,” says Salazar. If you want to visit a school during school hours, access to the building requires a visitor to request entry by the push of a button. I wondered what goals Salazar had for his son and told me…
“Do the best he can and to be a role model to the students and try his hardest,” declares Salazar. Have a great year students, study hard and learn all you can!