First Assembly of God Church getting rebuilt by volunteers

Its been nearly two years since Hurricane Harvey damaged the Crossroads.
One Crossroads church is still not able to hold services in their building.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with volunteers about the recovery process.

The First Assembly of God Church in Bloomington is trying to recover after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

“The damage was just horrific in here, they weren’t able to get in here because some of the congregation is a little up in age. and by the time they got in here there was two foot mushrooms,” says Pastor Houston Johnston, Volunteer

The Church building had to get totally gutted due to all of the water damage from Harvey.
Pastor Houston Johnston from Victoria, Pastor David Murff from Edna along with Chi Alpha from Utsa came to help rebuild the First Assembly of God Church.
“We worked on this wall behind me and we put dry wall up and started studding up on the top,and we did some insulation behind these walls,” explains Johnston.

Pastor Johnston adds this is Chi Alpha’s second time to come help during their spring break. He tells me the students loved giving back to this Harvey ridden town.
“None of them had ever did this kind of work before, so the first part was a learning experience and they were so excited that they were learning how to do something that they can give on,” Pastor Johnston, smiles.

“In fact one of the students commented to me and says if there is ever a time you do this please let me know , I would like to help again,” explains Johnston.

Pastor Murff says all the volunteers working together will bring the church back to normal.
“My experience is this if people come together and if God’s people come together all things are possible. they can put this place back together and it can be a light house here in the city of Bloomington,” Pastor David Murff, Volunteer declares.

The congregation is holding services at the coffee shop just behind the church. There is still lots to be done so they are asking if you would like to help you can call Pastor Johnston at 361-676-5296 or Pastor Johnny Knight at 361-550-8886.
“Our goal is to work with the community to build the community,” exclaims Pastor Johnston.

The volunteers are working to get the church back open so they can help out the community.