Firework Safety on New Year’s Eve

“Scared definitely sometimes a little bit of hearing loss especially when you are trying to throw them out,”Collin said.

Getting scared could be the least of your worries on New Year’s Eve when popping off fireworks. Victoria County Fire Marshall’s say they deal with grass fires most, they also say alcohol and fireworks don’t mix and if you’re an adult t it’s best to think about the kids first.

“Looking for fireworks for their kids we might ask them the age and we can gear the fireworks to what is going to make them safest,” Hilliard said.

Joseph Collin usually rings in the new year with a firework or two, but he always follows these simple rules.

“You definitely want to be as close to pavement or water as you can and stay away from houses and low hanging roofs,” Collin said.

You are not allowed to pop fireworks within city limits and in the county you cannot pop them near schools or hospitals. Michele Booth, Big Tex Fireworks, reminds people of the rules because she doesn’t want a few to ruin the fun for everyone.

“They need to follow the ordinances especially in the city limits for everyone’s safety also so fireworks aren’t outlawed all together,” Booth said.