Firearms attorney offers active shooter situation advice

The number of mass shootings this year has now risen above 300,12 days ago we were talking about the tragedy in Pittsburgh now, yet another mass shooting across the nation in California.

The FBI is considering active shootings to be on the rise..raising the question what would you do? And, how can you prepare yourself if you are in a situation like this?

In times of extreme crisis like last night’s mass shooting many people question what they would do in a similar situation…

Newcenter 25 spoke with Firearms Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor about a class she teaches on this all too common issue.

She shared with me some of her most valuable tips for an active shooter situation.

While each of the many recent shootings have been unique places or instances…her advice for each is similar.. Run.. Hide.. And fight.

“Running fast as soon as you hear those noises is probably one of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe,” Taylor says. “Once they encounter any level of resistance they are more likely to turn the firearm on themselves so even if you feel like it’s a losing battle, if you’re in the fight scenario you could stop the active shooter situation in it’s tracks basically”

She also advises to hide if at all possible, using anything near you as a blockade.

She says thinking about these things before they happen, such as knowing where exits are and what you would do, could be the difference between life and death.