Fire sparked by multi-outlet plug, destroys home in Victoria county

VICTORIA, Texas – On Wednesday, Dec. 8, at 12:32 p.m. the Victoria Fire Marshal’s Office received the call about a fire located on the 300 block of Indiana street. Consequently many local fire departments and law enforcement responded and put out the fire. Following this effort, fire marshal’s discovered the fire erupted in a one bedroom, single family home. Victoria county fire marshal Richard Castillo investigated the cause and discovered the fire started at the center of the home. Due to a multi-plug outlet left turned on and unsupervised. Officials also determined only one person resided in the home, but he was not present when the fire began. Resulting with no injuries or need for hospitalization. As a result, they referred the resident to a local American Red Cross chapter.

Castillo says fire safety is important in every household

The house experienced some smoke and heat damage, ending up completely destroyed. Fire Marshal Castillo advises the public to read their product’s instructions when using a multi-outlet plug in anywhere in their homes. In addition, to dispose of it properly when it is no longer in use.