Fire destroys mobile home near Thomaston

Officials believe a wall outlet caused the fire

THOMASTON, Texas – An electrical fire destroyed a mobile home near Thomason over the weekend.

Authorities say the fire was likely caused by a wall outlet in the home. The DeWitt County Sheriff’s office says the fire lasted three hours before Cuero and Nursery firefighters were able to contain the fire.

The people living in the home were outside when they heard popping noises coming from inside. They later saw the fire spread from the living room to the front porch.

Property owner, Jennifer Thomas, says she rushed over to the scene.

“Very tragic, I can’t imagine, I’ve never had experienced anything like this, all I can do is hug them every time I see them and be as supportive as possible,” says Thomas.

Thomas also says the people living in the home lost everything in the fire and have reached out to the Red Cross for support. If you would like to help the family during this difficult time, please call (361) 243-6141.