Fire code regulations suspended for temporary housing

VICTORIA, Texas- The City of Victoria is clearing the way to make sure we have plenty of temporary shelter. Victoria Mayor, Rawley McCoy, announced the suspension of certain fire codes to allow for makeshift housing. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, the need for quarantine space is essential to flatten the curve of infection. Effective immediately, churches and other organizations will be able to provide shelter for anyone without having to comply with fire code requirements like having working sprinkler systems. 

“We will suspend section 903.2.8 of the international fire code only to the extent necessary to provide emergency housing should the need arise. Also, we’ll suspend fees and deadlines. Again, to the extent necessary to continue providing services during this emergency situation,” explained McCoy.

This ordinance hopes to make shelter more easily available for someone who may not have permanent shelter. CDC guidelines are adamant about staying indoors during this time as it is the most effective thing to do to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.