Find Out How Synthetic Marijuana Makes Its Way Through The Crossroads

“Its like crack it gets you high and you want more,” a Victoria man said.

It’s a drug that many underestimate. A drug some even think is legal but synthetic marijuana is deadly.

“I had a couple of friends pass away,” a Victoria man said.

We spoke with a Victoria man who does not want to be identified who says he used synthetic marijuana.

“With a friend of mine he told me about smoking weed and it didn’t smell like weed so i tried it for the first time,” the man said.

He was one of 80 Victorians who had adverse reactions when a bad batch of synthetic marijuana that made its way to the crossroads mid- November to early December of 2016.

“When i inhaled it it taste alright but when i took it out the smoke gave me a headache for at least two days. So we never did it again and since then people have tried to get me to smoke but i say no,” he said.

Reactions to the drug include hallucinations, paranoia of being chased, strong headaches and seizures.

“They act panicky they act like someone is following them they act like they see cops. We had one that ran inside from the park like someone was following him and nobody was he was just smoking that stuff and had a seizure.”

Up until mid November it was a drug we rarely heard about in the area until the Victoria County Health Department issued a health advisory.

“We were finding patients having seizures being very aggressive some even went into cardiac and respiratory arrest,” Assistant Fire Chief, Robert Fox said.

And some cases ended in death. Back in December we went to Yorktown where Chanzalar Greenhaw died in a shed fire while smoking synthetic marijuana.

His sister Khrista Greenshaw says her brother’s judgment got blurred by legal weed. The night Chanzalar died he was asked to leave a friends home due to being so high on legal weed.”

Khrista says Chanzalar was addicted to synthetic drugs and hopes other young people can learn from her brother’s mistake.

So where did this bad batch come from?

“The ingredients are purchased smuggled in from Mexico manufactured in Houston put together and packaged in Houston and makes its way back to Victoria,” Victoria Sheriff Office Deputy, Bryan Simons said.

And how are Victoria officers and deputies keeping it off of our streets.

“They’re very knowledgeable on the narcotics and even human trafficking industry,” Simons said.

“Its hard seeing my friends smoking that stuff I tell them ‘Man you’re doing something wrong. They say awe man I got it under control’ but alright but still I want to see you tomorrow not the next day find out that you’re in a hole,” a Victoria man said.