Final commissioners court meeting of the year makes way for changes in 2020

The final meeting of the year was held today for Victoria county commissioners.

A lengthy meeting wrapped up with expected changes in 2020.

“So the public can see exactly what we see, you will have exactly what we have, and we will go through this…” states Commissioner Kevin Janak, as he holds up a heft white binder, in it the finalized report from Virtus.

Virtus, the restoration company used by the county after Hurricane Harvey, responded to a request of additional documentation of proof of spending requested by the county — this after a letter was sent out in November.

“It’s unfortunate that you have been criticized over this, I’ve actually heard people say in response to this report, ‘well, where’s the rest of the money, this is for Virtus, where’s the rest?’ as if something has been purposely left out,” said County Judge Ben Zeller.

The report consists of more than 400 pages, invoice after invoice– from contractors through virtus, to details of estimates– all now available online.

However, the public still criticized the court on decisions made following Harvey.

“I did read this whole thing, I spent the whole weekend reading this thing, I don’t see anything but mainly the insurance adjusters estimates of damages” stated John Clay, resident of Victoria County, as he held a binder up.

A public hearing was held for the highly debated game room ordinance, a final vote was made restricting game rooms within city limits.

“I’m not against legal game rooms, and I think this is what we’re losing sight of, whether it’s legal or illegal, and right now the game rooms that are being cited are presumed to be illegal.” states Commissioner Danny Garcia.

Passed unanimously, the ordinance will go into effect January 1, 2020. The ordinance details heavy restrictions from location to having legible signs stating the establishment is a game room.

“I hate to restrict, and dictate on gambling, I think it’s a hard decision, and we have to adopt the regulations” adds Commissioner Gary Burns.

The new game room ordinance reads as follows: