‘Fentanyl remains the single deadliest drug threat our state and nation has ever encountered’

Governor Abbott launches 'One Pill Kills' statewide campaign

AUSTIN, Texas – On Monday, Oct. 17, Governor Greg Abbott announced the launch of the State of Texas’ coordinated “One Pill Kills” campaign. The campaign aims to fight against the growing national fentanyl crisis affected Texas and the United States.

The announcement follows the Governor’s direction for state agencies to increase efforts to combat the fentanyl crisis last month.

The Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw and Beaumont Police Chief James Singletary joined Governor Abbott for a press conference. The Governor discussed the severity of the fentanyl crisis and comprehensive actions taken by the State to address the unprecedented inflow of fentanyl into communities across Texas.

Governor Abbott released the following statement

“Fentanyl remains the single deadliest drug threat our state and nation has ever encountered, killing four Texans every day,” said Governor Abbott. “Fentanyl is a clandestine killer, with Mexican drug cartels strategically manufacturing and distributing the drug disguised as painkillers, stimulants, anti-anxiety drugs, and even candy. In the Biden Administration’s negligence to address this national security threat, Texas has designated Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations and is launching a statewide public awareness campaign to fight the fentanyl crisis in our state. I am proud to announce the launch of the State of Texas’ comprehensive ‘One Pill Kills’ campaign to remind Texans that just one pill laced with fentanyl can take someone’s life. Together, we will protect more innocent lives from being lost to this deadly drug.”

The Governor also announced the following new laws, which will be considered during this upcoming legislative session:

  • classify fentanyl as a poisoning,
  • allow charging an individual for murder if they distribute fentanyl or drugs laced with it that kills someone
  • and make NARCAN more easily accessible across the State of Texas for Texans exposed to the drug.

According to a news release from the Office of the Texas Governor, last year, nearly 1,700 Texans lost their lives due to fentanyl. From February 2021 to February 2022, over 75,000 Americans died as a result of fentanyl-related overdoses. In the last year, Texas authorities, alone, have seized more than 342 million lethal doses of fentanyl.

You can read about the actions Governor Abbott has taken to secure the border here.

The Office of the Texas Governor provided the above information and “One Pill Kills” graphic.