Feel threatened by a debt collector?

If you’ve ever felt threatened by a debt collector, a recent survey says you may not be alone. A new survey from the consumer Finance Protection Bureau found that 27% of consumers who were contacted by debt collectors said they felt threatened during the interaction. It is illegal for debt collectors to harass or verbally abuse consumers. People saying they felt threatened doesn’t necessarily mean the collector broke the law, but 27% is still a high occurrence of potentially illegal behavior. United Airlines is moving up the retirement of its Boeing 747, announcing the last flight on the “Queen of the Skies” will now happen this year instead of by the end of 2018. The jumbo jet once represented the state-of-the-art in air travel, but now there are more fuel-efficient, cost effective and reliable wide body aircraft that provide a more updated experience for travelers. The 747 has been part of United’s fleet since 1970. In other airline news, Jetblue just announced it has completed the expansion of its free in-flight Wi-Fi service. Fly-Fi is now available on all 227 of the carrier’s planes making Jetblue the only airline to offer wireless internet to all customers at no additional cost.