Fears of Water Stoppage in Bloomington Loom

“I don’t feel like it’s right because we do have to take a shower every day and drink water and we do pay rent,” occupant said.

The people I spoke with who live in the housing provided by ALMS in Bloomington cannot imagine a day without water and Noemi Troncoso, President of the Water Board, says the board’s decision to shut off water Tuesday morning pains her.

“I feel sorry for these people that it is going to effect the tenants of ALMS they have paid their rent and by paying their rent the water is included,” Troncoso said.

ALMS and the water board are disputing ALMS need to pay back billed payments after an error on the part of the water board. It is an estimated cost of around $40,000.

Occupants I spoke with but chose to remain anonymous said, “We pay for rent and they told us it’s something we don’t have to worry about that it would be covered.”

Ms. Troncoso says the only resolve to this situation willbe for ALMS and the water board to settle their financial difference but she hopes the community doesn’t suffer.

“Their landlord refuses to pay that bill we are not targeting these people we are just having to do what’s fair for the community,” Troncoso said.