Farmer’s Market in Victoria This Weekend

City of Victoria is preparing for their next Farmer’s Market on Saturday and as you are walking through De Leon Plaza, you will see lots of winter vegetables and fruits. “We will see lots of citrus, Meyer lemons, pink navel oranges, blood oranges. We will also see carrots, spinach, and kale,” said Meridith Byrd, Director of Development at Food Bank.

With the Crossroads experiencing a couple of rounds of deep freezes over the last couple of weeks, some farmers suffered total loss of crops. “Citrus had to be picked before the freeze so that they could save what they could. Cauliflower suffered some damage,” said Byrd. Despite the cold temperatures, some of the root vegetables like carrots suffered minimal damage. “Collards seem to come through okay. Some of the onions, some of the cabbages made through i guess with minimal damage,” said Byrd.

Byrd tells me turnout at the garden was low over the past couple of weeks but last week turnout surprised her a lot and would like to see more people come out. “Last week in particular considering the freeze and really cold temperatures we were pleasantly surprised to see attendance was on an upswing again,” said Byrd.

The Farmer’s Market will have Senior’s Day Saturday and it will begin 9AM to 1PM. Also, food trucks will be on site for food purchases.