Fans Predict Who Will Win the Super Bowl

It was a super-sized “Super Bowl 51” celebration for the Patriots and the Falcons.
Fans came out to Sports to cheer on their team.

“I’m celebrating right now,” says Ignacio Figueroaa.

Figuero hopes Tom Brady leads his team to victory.

“Hands down the patriots are going to win,” he says. “They’re a better team first of all. Second of all, they got a legend for a quarterback.”

Others believe the Falcons will reign supreme.

“I’m just tired of seeing Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheck win every year,” says Falcons fan Ryan Stuart. “I’m just pulling for the underdogs.”

And some people were just there to see Lady Gaga perform for the half time show.

Either way these fans aren’t wasting any time planning a victory celebration.

“Cheers to the Atlanta Falcons..winning the super bowl.”

The Patriots won the Super Bowl with a final score of 34 to 28 in over time.