Family Speaks Out Following Cuero House Fire

“It just is unbelievable.”

Sunday afternoon, we got a first look at the destruction left in the unforgiving house fires wake.

“We found his guitar and a couple of pictures of our parents that have passed. And that’s it,” says homeowners sister and next door neighbor, Roberta Blank.

One man’s home a total loss in the city of Cuero. Blank was an eyewitness to the fire.

“You just can’t believe its happening to someone in your family. It’s a simple home but it was his home. To not have it to come back to it’s very sad,” says Blank.

Saturday morning, these raging flames devoured the home. Neighbors were ordered to evacuate.

“We saw the fire right outside and came running over,” says Blank.

Authorities confirm the cause of the house fire was a pillow that came in contact with a heater. Now, they’re warning residents to check heaters.

“When you go to bed heaters need to be turned off. Not completely, but unless it’s a gas heater or central heat and air. Space heaters need to be shut off because that’s when most of the fires happen at night,” says Emergency Management Coordinator Cyndi Smith.

As of Sunday afternoon, Blank says her brother remains in a San Antonio hospital where he is recovering from burn injuries on his hands and feet.

“He’s very lucky that he came out. He did lose his dog which is sad. But the fact is that he’s here. Hes a good guy. You don’t wish this on anybody,” Blank says.