Family of Tookah Hobbs holding service tonight at 5 PM

Update 7/25/18:

The family of Tookah Hobbs, the woman fatally struck by two vehicles on Houston Highway July 17th, will hold a service at Grace Funeral Home at 5 PM to celebrate her life. Tookah was remembered by her family as a “funny and witty, just sweet” woman who loved her children and grandchildren.

Update 7/19/18:

We first reported Tuesday night of a fatal accident where a woman was struck by two vehicle on Houston Highway,

Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez spoke to the family of the victim.

Tookah Hobbs, the 54 year old woman leaves behind family who will always remember her kind soul a family who hurts with her departure.

“Shocked, I mean I just think we’re all still in the state of shock, it was just last night, everyone is still in disbelief that that happened it was horrible, horrible way- she deserved way more than that” says Melody, Tookah’s sister.

In the early hours of Wednesday, at about 1 am, the Hobbs family received the news of the tragic accident that occurred along Houston Highway.

Tookah who was walking her small white Yorkie, Pearl crossed the road and was struck by two vehicles, leaving her lifeless.

Her son remembers the sweet interactions with her three grandchildren. “There’s a lot of thing you know, my mind is in a lot of places right now, I just think of her with my son, with him calling her ‘gammy, gammy!’, that kinda stands out” adds Joshua Hobbs, Tookah’s son.

‘Gammy’ to her grandchildren, and Tookah to the rest of her loved ones- a unique name meaning “bright eyes” in Cherokee – a name that fit her unique personality.

“Just Tookah, like I said she was funny and witty, just sweet, she was a good sister. She fit her name, very unique individual, there will not be another one” adds Melody.

Her family members remember her as always caring for others, and taking the shirt off her back when she could.

“She was always ready to help somebody even a lot the times she didn’t have the means for her self, but she was always helping them out”

They hope something be done- as this tragedy took their loved one. Joshua, her son left this message for his mother;

“I love you mom, I miss you”

Friends and family of Tookah have set a Go Fund Me Account to help the Hobb’s family with funeral expenses:

Update: 7/18/18:

Victoria Police have identified the victim as 54-year-old Tookah Hobbs.

Authorities say that Hobbs was walking her dog across the 3800 block of Houston Highway when she was struck by a Ram 2500 truck traveling East bound. After impact Hobbs was knocked to the ground and struck by a second vehicle, a van also traveling East bound. Both Hobbs and her dog were dead when officers arrived at the scene.

Original Story 7/17/18:

A woman was killed after being struck by a two vehicles on Houston Highway near Whataburger.

Victoria Police Department have not confirmed her identity as they are waiting to speak with family members first. Witnesses on the scene say they ran to the woman’s aid after she was struck but she did not have a pulse. Police spoke with both the drivers of both vehicles, a truck and a van. Alcohol and drug use were not a factor, according to police on scene.