Family of murder victim Melvin Fabian speaks out

Robert Fabian, brother to Melvin Fabian who was murdered in 2019, says that no one will ever be able to replace his brother
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Melvin Fabian’s brother said that he loved to fish, Melvin can be seen here with one of his catches

VICTORIA, Texas – Melvin Fabian’s family has released statements regarding their brother Melvin, who was murdered in 2019. Christopher Varela Jr. was recently sentenced to 99 years in prison in connection to Melvin’s death. You can read more about the sentencing and trial here.

Melvin’s brother Robert said the following:

“My name is Robert Fabian. I would like a take a minute to say that we will never be able to replace my Brother Melvin. He and my younger brother Rick both spent a lot of time on the water fishing.   Now Rick has a void in his life as well as I do. I’m Blessed to still have Rick. I also learned a lot about court, it’s not Perry Mason. Which is what I wanted to get to. I want to Thank Judge Garza , DA Constance Filley Johnson, Amanda, Police Dept and The Jury. Especially the jury. I watch them all five days they all were very attentive and are the ones that finally found us some Justice to this Sad and Terrible time in our lives.

Thank you ,
Melvin’s other brother Rick Fabian also released the following statement:
“It has been a very difficult time waiting almost 3 years to see what would happen. Melvin was a great brother and friend and my fishing partner. We miss him every day. We want to thank the VPD  and DA’s office for all the hard work and the jury for getting justice done. Melvin will never be here to spend time with us but maybe another family won’t have to feel the emptiness that we have suffered.”
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