Family of missing person looking for information leading to his return

Months after he went missing, one Victoria family is doing everything they can to get him back.

Antonio “TJ” Vela, Jr., also known as Speshel Ed, went missing on June 15th , after a night with friends at Sports Bar. Since then, his family have been on the corner of Navarro and Sam Houston, holding signs asking fellow Victorians for any information and holding onto hope that he can be found safe and sound. For the Vela family, there is no lengths they won’t go to to get their TJ back.

Sister Natalie Vela had this to say, “[We want people] not to forget he’s still out there… if there’s more information to help bring him home… please. Help us. We need to break the silence.”

“We’re not giving up. We’re not giving up.”, exclaimed Ninfa Vela, mother of TJ Vela, while holding back tears.

While there have been no major breaks or leads since TJ Vela went missing, the Vela family will continue to search, day in and day out, until he is found.

If you have any information that can help find Antonio “TJ” Vela Jr., please call Crime Stoppers at (361) 572-4200 or call 9-1-1.