Family of five jumps from window and escapes house fire within minutes

On September 5, a family of five escaped a fire minutes before the entire home became engulfed.
House fire in Beeville
Credit: Zamora family

BEEVILLE, Texas –  A family of five in Beeville jumped out of their windows just minutes before their home caught on fire on Debra Perez Lane.

In the early morning hours on Sunday, September 5, Sabrina Zamora of Victoria was woken up by her two youngest children.

Zamora said her children detected smoke in their home.

It was mainly coming from downstairs.

“It was like black smoke, you couldn’t breathe,” she said.

She shared her 12-year-old son and fiancé began pushing out the window units of two of the rooms from upstairs.

Zamora, her youngest son and daughter jumped out of the windows.

Her oldest son was able to climb down the trimming of the home and grabbed a ladder for Zamora’s fiancé.

They all made it out safely with only the clothes they had on their backs.

Zamora said she broke her ankle.

People have stepped in to help this family, but Zamora just wants a place to call home again.

Zamora said she has been having a difficult time finding a home.

“All I want is a just to find a place, once we do, we are going to be good,” she said.

Zamora thanks her two younger children for acting fast and saving their lives.

She wants to remind everyone to always be open with your children about fire safety.

A fire report provided by the City of Beeville shows the fire started downstairs.

It’s unclear how the fire did spread or the cause of it.

All five family members were taken to the hospital and are doing ok.

The Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Thomas Legler of the Victoria Fire Department said in an email that there are a lot of variables regarding how fast a home could become engulfed.

He said they do know house fires are significantly faster than a couple decades ago.

“The most important thing to remember regarding house fires is to make sure you have working smoke alarms,” said Legler.  ” … and that they are tested once a month.”

There is a GoFundMe page to help the family. Zamora said they are staying with her mother in Victoria until they are able to find a home.