Updated: Family missing their pet tortoise named Tino

Family missing their pet tortoise named Tino


Updated on April 20, 2020

The owner of Tino sent us this update:

“We got our boy back! He was spotted by a farmer near our house out sunbathing. My brother-in-law had alerted all the local farmers, so my sister went to pick him up. My fiancé and I were both out of town on work at the time. The gate is fixed and he’s home safe and sound!”


VICTORIA, Texas – It’s been a week since the Miller family has seen their beloved Tino, a 30-inch long African Spur Tortoise, also known as a Sulcata Tortoise.

Tino was able to lift a 10-foot gate off its hinges and escaped the property.

His owners live at the corner of FM 2615 and FM 1686.

Owner Jaimy Miller said her family misses him dearly and are praying for his safe return.

“You don’t know what this means to us, I’m actually working with EMS today and the hospital tomorrow in Angleton so I’m unable to look for him,” Miller said.

*The original broadcast date of this story was Sunday, March 29, 2020, some information in the video may be dated.