Family keeps dairy farm going with corn maze

MOULTON – Getting lost has never been so much fun, especially at Rocky Creek Maze.

Each year the Chaloupka family looks forward to opening up their family farm to the public to enjoy the Rocky Creek Maze.

It’s a tradition that started out of need in 2007 – when the dairy industry was suffering, Elyse Chaloupka , co-owner of the property.

“We thought it would be a way to diversify and bring in some agro tourism money,” Chaloupka , 70, said.

Now the maze is an attraction that brings in families from all over – and while on the farm – they also get to learn about the family’s history and what it takes to run a dairy farm.

“We share our history, we share what we do, we share how we do it and people enjoy hearing that,” Chaloupka said. “We have a farm that’s been here for many, many years and that’s what our goal is – to keep the farm going and people enjoy that kind of family generational business.”

There are four generations of Chaloupkas at the farm, and Kim Chaloupka runs the office, social media, educational events and whatever else needs to get done.

” This year so far we have booked over 2,000 students from the surrounding communities, all the way from Victoria, San Marcus, Segiun , ” Kim Chaloupka , 40, said. ” We just enjoy teaching the kids about what a farm is and where their food comes. And then of course they like to play, we have lots of slides, jumping pillows and hay rides from them. This year we are actually featuring Sppoky , the square pumpkin and his message is an anti-bullying message because October is anti-bullying month, so the kids get to enjoy that this year. ”

And this weekend, things are going to get spooky at Rocky Creek Maze.

“We have a haunted trail, which is this coming weekend, Friday and Saturday night, we have it this weekend and next weekend,” Kim Chaloupka said. Starts at dark. We take a trail ride down to the back part of the property and you get to hear a scary story, which you’ll have to hear when you get here. ”

Kim Chaloupka said they also have some special programming planned for Veterans Day as well as some carriage rides. For more information visit .