Family holds prayer vigil for Suzie Escobedo

The search for 25 year old Suzie Escobedo continues.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson tells us the latest.

The Seadrift community and family members came together tonight for prayer vigil in honor of Suzie. the family of Suzie Escobedo is trying to remain strong in the mist of this storm of uncertainty. Family members along with the community shared prayers for Suzies safe return home. They told me they are praying to GOD, and putting it all in his hands.
“A prayer is very powerful for us and we feel like it can bring her back home as a miracle to god to pray and praying out to god to bring her back,” declares Sodria Rodriguez, Sister Her family wants to thank the Crossroads community for their continuous support. The search will continue for Suzie on Monday. The family is asking if you have any information on Suzie’s whereabouts to please contact the Calhoun County Sheriffs Office Previous: As days go by Suzie’s family keeps hope alive to one day see her again. Her family shares who Suzie is; someone everyone knows as a caring person.

Suzie’s mother, Maria del Consuelo recalls the last words she shared with Suzie before she left to visit family in Mexico.

“I told her i’m leaving, take care. She responded don’t worry mom, I’ll be okay, I’ll take care of myself… ” says Maria del Consuelo. “I told her take care of your children, and she said , don’t cry mom because I’ll be fine when you come back.”

Missing for nearly a week, the search continues for the 25 year old, Suzie Escobedo. Search groups are out daily, looking for any clue that may lead them to Suzie’s whereabouts.

A mother of two is described as a gentle caring person, one that doesn’t like confrontation.

“She’s the one that even if someone going through something she’s will be there. No matter what. And that’s what she was for me, she was that kind, loving person” says Alejandra Rodriguez, Suzie’s sister-in-law.

Her family says being a mom is a huge part of Suzie’s life, and they know she’d never leave her children behind.

“She would never do anything like that, she’s not the type of person who would just leave her kids by themselves. She always had her kids with her,” adds Alejandra.

“What maintains me firm right now is my faith-that I know God, and the strength I have right now, its not from me, but God’s giving it to me to endure this” says Maria del Consuelo.

Suzie’s family, a family of faith, keep constant prayers for Suzie’s well-being. The family continues to ask for help in searching for Suzie. Searches will continue throughout the weekend and until she is found.