Family gatherings should be creatively, cautiously planned as holidays approach

Family gatherings should be creatively, cautiously planned as holidays approach

VICTORIA, Texas – With the increased seven-day positivity rate in Texas and the holidays approaching, it’s important to remain cautious, creative, and courageous to keep loved ones safe from contracting COVID-19.

Lane Johnson, Chief Clinical Services Director at the Gulf Bend Center, says at least this time, there is time to plan and be innovative.

“Thanksgiving is coming and the last big holiday Easter time cost us as well so, we have to be aware if we are not careful it can cost us again,” Johnson said.

Earlier this summer, Governor Greg Abbott said young people dismissing the dangers of COVID-19 and bars reopening were the cause of a surge in cases and now as the numbers are surging once again, family gatherings are to blame, as they are finding a large number of young adults and teenagers testing positive.

“That’s exactly why we need young adults to wear face masks because they may be carrying COVID-19 without knowing it and they may be killing a family member without knowing about it,” Abbott said.

And while it’s important to maintain social distancing, it’s also important to not socially disconnect, said Johnson.

 “What should I stop doing even though I’m accustomed to it and now what are my new options, how can I make the connection happen with new options,” Johnson said. “We have to be courageous, we have to be innovative.”

So, if you plan on visiting a loved one, be sure to sanitize, keep your mask on and guard up, if not for yourself but for the sake of your loved ones. 

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