Family accuses Edna healthcare facility of improper patient care

A Victoria family is facing a difficult time with their family member who has been a patient at a local health care facility for more than a year. The family seeks answers as they claim this facility failed to give their loved one the proper care. Newscenter 25 Griselda Perez spoke to the family and has our story.

“My brother has been neglected like this, its hurtful, it hurts deeps, it makes you mad.” states Angela, the younger sister of 55 year old Darrel, expresses the hardship her family is going through as they face an upward battle with his health after a near death hit and run accident in 2017.

“Darrel has to be taken care of 24 hours, he can’t walk, he wears diapers, so we trusted the facility in Edna to take care of him.” she adds.

Southbrooke Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center would be a temporary home for Darrel as he continued rehab sessions to improve mobility.

“we tried to take care of him, during the holidays, we tried to bring him home, I know I can’t, we just, trusted them.” added Angela.

However, the family claims little was done to improve his health…

Angela says metal plates on his head from a previous brain cancer diagnosis were exposed– and a growing mass in his neck went unattended.

“Why wasn’t the doctor contact when they saw it, why did they contact us until we saw it, and why wasn’t emergency attention given,” Angela asks.

These aew all answers Darrel’s family looks for, as they remember Darrel healthier, fishing and playing his guitar,

“He played his guitar to that ‘come together right now over me’ [song].. and that’s what we need to do, come together, for him.” adds Angela as she sings the tune of the popular Beatles song.

With recent headlines questioning other facilities, like one in Arizona, named “La Hacienda”, where a nurse stands accused of impregnating a disabled patient, Angela say it’s so important to her to share her experience.

“That’s what you got to do, if not they’ll sweep it under the rug, and he’ll be in the ground.” she adds.

I visited the facility, where an on camera interview was denied but a written comment was given stating:

“While we cannot respond to specifics related to any resident’s care, protecting their privacy, dignity, and rights of our residents is always our greatest concern as a care provider. We will take all necessary steps to ensure our residents are protected and cared for in the most respectful manner.”