Famed artist inspires VC students by sharing moments that shaped his life

Famed Victoria-born Artist Ben Livingston visited Victoria College Thursday morning, speaking to art students about the moments that shaped his life.

Livingston discussed the people that shaped his life and the travels he made that helped inspired his work, such as his famous neon art.

Livingston’s work includes his spirit house series and even a neon sculpture that sits inside Citizens Medical Center.

Livingston hopes art students that attended his speech will take inspiration from his life and will, in turn, be inspired to create their own works of art.

“What you really want to take with you is curiosity. That’s what you really want to develop as a person, in life. And, if you do that, all doors are open really. If you have a little bit, you know… curiosity and sort of conquering the fear of going after what you’re curious about.”

Livingston adds all up and coming artists should be will to engage their creativity and try new things, even if they fail, so they can grow into the artist they want to be.