Faith Academy Six Man Makes Playoff Debut 11/15

Cougars In Abilene Saturday

Another local high school football team, on the verge of making history.
Faith academy six man, about to play its first ever playoff game. last month, the cougars got a district win for the first time in their four-year history. That led to this latest history for Faith six man. Sean talked with two of the Cougars about how excited they are to make history.

Said WR/DB Ethan Garcia, “It’s pretty exciting. And we’re just interested in seeing what we’re trying to do and build this program. I’m excited to go on the road and play some football in a playoff game.”

Said RB/DB Isaiah Gonzalez, “It’s exciting. It took us four years to build a program that’s good enough to make it to the playoffs. And we have a lot more potential that we’re going to unleash, so be ready.”

Faith Academy six-man’s first ever playoff comes Saturday afternoon at 2:00.
That’s when the Cougars take on Abilene Christian at Shotwell Stadium in Abilene.