FAA Investigating fatal single-engine aircraft crash near Victoria

One dead after single-engine aircraft crash

UPDATE as of 2:30 AM:

After preliminary discovery and investigation of the crash site, the Department of Public Safety along with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office and Victoria Fire Department took control of the situation and are currently awaiting the arrival of the FAA and the NTSB to conduct a full investigation of the cause of the crash. The pilot was fatally injured ad has not yet been identified due to first notification of next of kin.


The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page:

The Victoria Office of Emergency Management, and other first responders are on the scene of a cargo delivery aircraft crash near Benbow Road. Please avoid the area until further notice. Anyone that may have heard, or seen the incident are encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 361-575-0651 and provide their name, address and telephone number to be contacted by investigating agencies. The Texas Department of Public Safety and the National Transportation Safety Board have been summoned to investigate the crash. Again, please avoid the area.

Original report:

The FAA confirms it is investigating reports of a single-engine aircraft crash near Victoria.

“Air traffic controllers lost radar and radio contact with a single-engine aircraft in the vicinity of Victoria, Texas, around 8:16 p.m. We’ve received reports from the area that witnesses reported seeing an aircraft go down, but we are still waiting on more details from local law enforcement,” read a statement from the FAA.

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