F.W. Gross will re-open in 2021 but not as an elementary school

The Victoria Chamber of Commerce held its monthly luncheon Wednesday. They heard from Victoria I-S-D Superintendent Quintin Shepherd. He delivered his state of the school’s address.

During Superintendent Dr. Quintin Shepherd’s address, he revealed the district has plans for the F.W. Gross campus.

“One of the things that I couldn’t be more excited about is after the conversation we had last year with F.W. Gross that we’ve applied for and received a grant, a pre-planning grant to reopen that campus as an early childhood center,” said Dr. Quintin Shepherd the Superintendent for Victoria I.S.D.

Dr. Shepherd says the district will receive funds to prepare for the re-opening of F.W. Gross.

“What that means is that we will get about $300,000 from the State of Texas this year to plan for opening that and another $2 Million the year after and another $2 million the year after that to deploy that early childhood center,” said Shepherd.

Dr. Shepherd says currently, the Victoria.I.S.D. is doing a tremendous amount of work to prepare teachers for the new campus.

“Part of it will be renovations to that building as well. We want it to look and feel different. It’s an early childhood center and just an elementary school. So we want it to look and feel different and were also going to ask our community what they want to see in that building as well,” said Shepherd.

Community involvement during this project is recommended. Randy Vivian the President of The Victoria Chamber of Commerce gave advice on how to get involved.

“I think there’s a lot of things that the community can do, mainly is to work through the task force that V.I.S.D. has set up and that way they can be sure to have a voice in the planning and also the process that goes through those new programs that V.I.S.D. is putting on,” said Randy Vivian the President of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

The Victoria I.S.D. is hoping to re-open the F.W. Gross Early Childhood center in 2021.