Exxon Mobil Could Make Its Way To Victoria

“Some people are sensitive about the environment other people want jobs,” Victoria Resident, Johnny Cruz said.

That’s the debate of the people in Portland, Texas against Exxon Mobil developing a plant in the city.

“To talk to the people and tell them why its not bad for the environment but like i said some people are pro environment and some people want jobs,” Cruz said.

A representative with Exxon Mobile said in November 2016 Victoria and Portland were on the high end of a list of cities they are looking to start development.
How do Victoria residents feel about the plant.

“It should actually improve the job openings and a lot of these kids going to college a lot of them going for engineering chemistry. It’ll actually give more of our economy here in Victoria a blast and influx. Instead of working at HEB, convenient stores and Walmart they can actually improve their lives,” Victoria Resident, Joe Arriazola said.

“Have a lot of jobs and opportunity you know when we went through the oil bust it really was hard on Victoria so I think them coming to the area is going to be nothing but positive things,” Victoria Resident, Kay Simmons said.