Experts Predict Victoria’s Economy to Remain Strong in 2022

Last year ended with strong economic growth in Victoria. and projections indicate, that this trend will last into this year.


Victoria, Texas – Jonas Titas, president of the Victoria Economic Development Corporation, says that Texas continues to have a strong economy, with the Crossroads region being a big contributor to that growth. Titas says a strong indicator of a prosperous economy is a high sales tax income, which set yet another record in Victoria last year.

” We are in a period of extreme growth for Victoria. Last year we set the second highest sales tax total. This year VDEC we are working to continue the projects that we were working with last year. Two projects at the port have the potential to create over 300 million dollars of capital investment, and over 300 new primary jobs,” said Titas.

In addition to expansion at the port, at least five new restaurants, such as Mcallisters Deli, and Taco Bueno, and a number of new retail stores are scheduled to open in Victoria in the new year.