Exclusive interviews with border patrol agents unpacking issues at South Texas border

It is day one of Congressman Michael Cloud’s trip to the border to tour border facilities, checkpoints, and speak with border patrol agents about the well documented concerns happening just a few hundred miles south.

Newscenter 25 reporter, Griselda Perez, and photographer, Alan Espejel, have been invited along with some other media outlets to get exclusive footage and interviews with Congressman Cloud, Congressman Glenn Grothman- 6th District, Wisconsin, Congressman Jody Hice-10th District, Georgia, and border agents over a two-day trip to McAllen and Laredo.

Congressman Cloud expressed an interest in taking a closer look at the issues that are making headlines regarding border security and the needs of border towns in Texas.

On day one of the trip Griselda and Alan started the day with an early morning breakfast with the Congressman and representatives of the National Border Patrol Council.

Perez had the opportunity to ask about what their activities at the border looks like as they are the boots on the ground encountering a myriad of incidents at the border.

One of the agents stated that there is a need for more resources, more manpower, and better security in certain areas. He acknowledged that there have been a lot of changes in the last decade with the kind of people crossing through the southern border.

Perez and Espejel also toured Falfurrias checkpoint in Falfurrias, Texas, which is a little over an hour from McAllen, Texas. They toured the facility, witnessed a K9 vehicle search, and spoke with some border patrol agents. The new and improved Falfurrias check point opened on May 1, 2019. The old one was torn down and the new checkpoint has newer technology and a K9 on patrol as well.

Congressman Cloud had a briefing with Border Patrol Agents regarding how he could relay their concerns to Washington and explore policy changes that would aid the issues border patrol agents face every day.

Perez and Espejel will be posting photos and videos on the CrossroadsToday Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout their two day trip at the border.

Follow along for exclusive footage and coverage of this tour. If you have any questions for Congressman Cloud or the border patrol agents, leave your questions in the comments section on social media, and we will do our best to get them answered.