Eternal Flame: A monument honoring soldiers lost from the Golden Crescent

The Golden Crescent Memorial will be unveiled May 31, 2021.

VICTORIA, Texas- The Eternal Flame.

A monument is underway to honor those from the Golden Crescent that were killed in action since World War 1.

The Eternal Flame will be placed in the center of the Honor Pavilion and is set to arrive to Victoria next week.

The concept of the Golden Crescent Gold Star Memorial began in 2019, said Warrior’s Weekend Field Director Col. Mike Petrash.

Navy veteran Eric Scarlett and a metal artist of California who has also appeared in several television shows was invited to the field of honor in Victoria back in 2019.

25 News Now spoke to Scarlett and shared that he was brought back to tears after seeing a flag on the field of honor with his name on it.

Scarlett said he has never had a flag posted in his honor.

Col. Mike Petrash said Scareltt expressed his want to build something for the field during his visit.

“I said, well Eric, let me figure out what we are going to do,” shared Col. Petrash.

A few months later, Col. Petrash said he realized that an Eternal Flame was indeed missing in honor of all the soldiers who lost their life in battle.

Col. Petrash contacted Scarlett to finally help build the structure.

“It will honor the families who for years and year, have had an empty seat at the table .. that’s the tough ones .. the ones left behind,” said Col. Petrash. “We just want to honor them and give them a place to come.”

There will also be pillars placed by the monument with all the names of those who died in action.

“Right now, we are up to 439 [men that have been killed in action] .. we are going to dedicate this .. and [I] would like to get the word out to any Gold Star Family to contact me … so we could include them in the ceremony,” said Col. Petrash.

Col. Petrash said Scarlett did such an excellent job putting the structure together.

Scarlett shared with 25 News Now that he began building the Eternal Flame in January and finished it with some help on his birthday, April 25, 2021.

The unveiling of the flame is scheduled for May 31, 2021.

The Eternal Flame will be lit up 24 hours.