Escaped zebra dies after galloping around Texas town

Two zebras managed a great escape from property in New Braunfels, Texas, on Wednesday, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a happy ending.

The New Branufels Police Department said the pair of zebras had been sold to a property owner in the area that day. The zebras apparently escaped the area and swam across the Guadalupe River, where one decided to make its way downtown while the other lingered in the area.

The first zebra “galloped and trotted” along city streets and underneath an interstate, the police said. Luckily, both the animal and the general public were kept safe by police and animal control during this drive-through tour of the town.

Once the zebra slowed down, the original owners — in a helicopter — and police worked for over an hour to corral the animal. The zebra was sedated, briefly airlifted to a truck and trailer and taken back to its new owners.

Unfortunately, the department said, the zebra died after returning to its new home.

The second animal was originally returned fine, and police said the owners took precautions to prevent another escape, but the animal got out again late Wednesday night.

The police department told CNN that it was unaware that the second zebra had escaped until late Thursday morning, and it was found dead on the owner’s property, outside its pen.

It’s unclear what happened in either zebra’s death, police said.