Equifax data breach hits 143 million U.S. customers

Another major data breach involving a major credit reporting agency and rental car companies are sending thousands of cars to south-east Texas due to Harvey damage. Our Jasmine Haynes explains in today’s business report.

More rental cars are headed for areas hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Enterprise holdings says it’s sent 4,000 cars to southeast Texas so far and plans to send 17,000 more.

It’s also waiving the one-way fees for renters dropping off their rental cars in Houston.

Other companies like Budget and Hertz are doing the same.

Rental agencies say when it’s all said and done they will have lost thousands and thousands of vehicles due to flooding.

There has been another major data breach, this time Equifax was hit.
The credit reporting agency says the attack could possibly affect 143 million U.S. customers.
The breach was discovered on July 29th.
Exposed data includes names, birth dates, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers.
Equifax says that more than more 200,000 credit card numbers were also obtained.
The FBI is investigating the breach.