Enjoy the warm temperatures now, colder temps are coming

VICTORIA, Texas- This evening a mostly cloudy sky with areas of dense fog overnight. Lows headed for the low 60s. On Tuesday, a partly to a mostly cloudy sky will be possible and an isolated shower is possible with highs in the low 80s.

TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy with fog developing late. Low 60. Winds Light SE

TOMORROW: Partly to mostly with a very small (10%) chance for showers. High 81. Winds SE 5-10 mph

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy and warm with a 30% chance for showers. Low 62. High 80. Winds SE 10-15 mph

THURSDAY: Cloudy with a 70% chance for showers and cooler. Low 57. High 67. Winds North 15 mph

FRIDAY: A 20% chance for an AM shower, otherwise a mostly cloudy sky. Low 42. High 54. Winds North 15 mph

***Forecast temperatures and conditions could possibly change as we head into the weekend into next week.***

SATURDAY:  Mostly cloudy with a 30%  chance for showers. Low 40. High 53. Winds NE 15 mph

SUNDAY: Cloudy with a 30% chance for rain, freezing rain and/or snow. Low 30. High 39. Winds North 15-20 mph

MONDAY: Cloudy with a 30% chance for rain, freezing rain, and/or snow. Low 25. High 41. Winds North 15 mph